Waterise’s team has a unique combination of experience and competence from the global offshore and subsea oil and gas industry, as well as the desalination industry, coupled with senior corporate and project management expertise.


Our vision is to waterise the world.


Our mission is to improve people’s quality of life by providing affordable and sustainable fresh water to communities in need.

Corporate Governance

Good corporate governance provides the foundation for trustworthiness, risk reduction and value creation.

Our Code of Conduct is our commitment to act ethically and to comply with all relevant laws and regulations. Waterise will work with customers and suppliers to ensure that all parties comply with our Code of Conduct and the principles embedded in the UN Global Compact.

The Code of Conduct covers issues related to human rights, diversity and equal opportunities, anti-corruption, anti-money laundering, fair competition, privacy, health, safety and environment, and corporate social responsibility.

Our reputation is based on how we manage our social responsibility. Everything we do should be in the common interest of our owners, partners and society. We aim to earn and maintain the support of society through responsible and sustainable operations and our constant focus on safety, the environment, rigorous risk management and compliance with applicable regulatory frameworks.

Our employees are encouraged to:

Speak up when they see something that is not in line with Waterise’s core values and which could potentially be harmful, unsafe or unethical.

Lead by example to ensure that all employees and sub-contractors act in compliance with our Code of Conduct and any related policies, processes and procedures.

You can download our Code of Conduct here.

Management team

Board of Directors

Waterise's board consists of five directors:

Where we are

Waterise Solutions AS,
Gaustadalléen 21,
0349 Oslo, Norway

Waterise Solutions Spain SL,
Paseo de la Castellana 43-4º,
28046 Madrid, Spain

Waterise map 2022


The idea for Waterise came to Davoud Tayebi, one of the founding fathers of Waterise, as he was buying bottled water at a petrol station. Having worked with fracking in the unconventional oil and gas industry where access to water was a constant issue, he had experienced the value of water in his work. He suddenly realised that the bottle of water in his hand was both more expensive and indispensable than the petrol. Realising the extent of the water crisis facing a number of regions around the world, Davoud called some of his colleagues from the oil and gas industry to pitch his idea: to use their offshore and subsea expertise to help humanity solve one of its most pressing problems – access to fresh water. Sustainability pervades everything Waterise does, including how the company is run.