Skjermbilde 2020 10 15 kl 14 06 47
Skjermbilde 2020 10 15 kl 14 06 47
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Watch the demo module: Waterise´s technology proven to work

BOKNAFJORD, NORWAY: During the summer, Waterise has lowered its first demo module into the deep waters of Boknafjord in south western Norway. Now proven to work, the technology and demo results pave the way for a full-scale production.

Water scarcity is an existential problem in many parts of the world. Utilising advanced and proven subsea technology of the Norwegian oil and gas industry, Waterise prepares to meet global demand for safe and clean water.

– This is the principle of physics proved – the technology works, and we are looking forward to the next step, says Executive Chairman of Waterise, Niels Petter Wright.

At Boknafjord, the Waterise solution showed substantial financial and environmental benefits. Davoud Tayebi, CEO of Waterise, is pleased with the DNV-GL verified demo.

With the Waterise technology, we reduce three very relevant things: water price, the demand for expensive land and the environmental impact of desalination, says Tayebi.

Project Director Jo Jernsletten and Niels Petter Wright highlight the technology´s societal and environmental impact.

Waterise desalination is more efficient than traditional desalination because we get the required pre-membrane pressure for free. We reduce the total energy consumption by 50 percent, Jernsletten says.

Waterise presenting a game-changing technology to the industry is extremely good news for many governments, for UN initiatives and for plenty of people in many parts of the world, Wright says.